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• We wear booties over our shoes when we are working in your  
• We use soft ladder pads on the tops of our ladders to protect  
your home siding.
• If we need to bring a ladder inside your home we will use a  
set of dedicated clean soft ladder pads to ensure that the walls  
inside your home stay clean.
• We always use a towel or a drop cloth in front of every  
window we wash to prevent anything from getting accidentally  
dripped on.
• We do not carry around a bucket of water that might  
accidentally spill or splash around inside of your home. We use a  
fully contained half gallon pump sprayer bottle that contains  
our highly concentrated window washing solution to carry our  
water throughout your home - no risk of spilling or splashing!
Best Price Window Cleaning is the definitive NYC  
window cleaning company dedicated to  
exceeding customer expectations. We truly pride  
ourselves on being unlike our competition. Our  
highly trained window cleaning team offers  
professional window washing services for New  
York homes, commercial buildings, and all types  
of New York residential window washing  
projects. Both our company and our technicians  
are fully insured and bonded including workers  
compensation. With Best Price Window Cleaning,  
you can protect and revamp your business or your  
Our Customers
These 2 gentlemen (and I mean gentlemen) were punctual,
professional, knowledgeable, careful, tidy and left my
widows the cleanest they have ever been!! They even wash
the screens! Just amazing and their prices are amazing as
well. Incredibly one of the most pleasing business
transactions I have ever had! Please call them. You will be
thrilled as was I.
Barbara F. Smith
Thank you so much for a beautiful job
on my windows! It had been at least
three years since I washed them.
These young men are courteous,
careful and professional. There wasn't
a drop of anything spilled, and the
windows and screens are perfect.
Linda Jo Calloway
What Are Our Customers Saying
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