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Our prices
  1. Set of 3 windows
    Set of 3 windows
  2. Multiple-pane
  3. Double-hung
  4. Sliding windows
    Sliding windows
  5. Set of windows
    Set of windows
  6. Bay window panels
    Bay window panels
  7. French Doors
    French Doors
  8. Balcony glass
    Balcony glass
*Price samples on this page are for regular window cleaning services only. Regular size windows only. Without Air Conditioning Units, child guards or stoppers. No additional services included.

Screens Cleaning
BP Window Cleaning NYC always recommend washing the screens during your window cleaning appointment. This service can be performed in two ways:
A. We remove screens from their tracks, wash them inside of your apartment (we protect your floors with towels) or on your backyard where we wash them with a hose and brushes. After your screens are dry – we install them back in their tracks. The price is $4-5 per screen.
B. We don’t remove your screens from their tracks – wet the screen with a washer while it is on the window and then wipe it with special dry cloth which absorbs he dirt. This method is efficient and cost effective. The price is $3-4 per screen.

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