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Window Cleaning
  • $200 minimum charge per job
  • Calculation based on average size windows and accuracy of window count
  • Price confirmed upon visual inspection
  • Price does NOT include post construction or renovation cleaning (it costs extra)
Screen Cleaning
  • Screen cleaning starts at $35. Most houses cost $35-$75 to clean all of the screens. The cost may change based on type and how many screens you actually have.

The average apartment takes 2-3 hours, home takes 4-5 hours. There are obviously exceptions. We will be happy to give you a time estimate upon request.

No, it is not necessary for you to be home. We will make arrangements with you at the time of scheduling. Please note, payment is due at the time of service.

Yes, we carry a $1 million liability policy as well as worker’s comp insurance and can provide you with a copy upon request. We have never had a claim.

Absolutely, over 900 happy customers! Just ask.

April through December are our busy months, with July being our busiest month. It is best to call as far in advance as possible to ensure the best availability. We try to get to you as soon as we can, but it is not unusual for us to be booked sometimes 2-3 weeks in advance during our busiest months.

Most of our customers have their windows cleaned every 3-6 months, others prefer yearly. We recommend cleaning at least once or twice a year to ensure window maintenance. Your windows will last longer if you maintain their cleanliness and don’t allow dirt to build up, which can cause problems with your windows.

Our window cleaning solution is just soap and water and a squeegee. The secret lies in the many years of experience!

Yes, we are able to clean for many months out of the winter. In fact, the holidays are one of our busiest seasons. Snow and ice are the most difficult to work around and safety will always take priority.

The choice is yours unless the conditions are unsafe for window cleaning. If it is unsafe, we will reschedule your appointment to the next available date you choose. Priority will be given in rescheduling.

Most of our customers prefer a spring (April-May) and then a fall (September – October) window cleaning. The next popular timeframe is during the summer (June/July) and then again at the holidays (November/December).

Yes, you choose what months you’d like to have your windows done and we will schedule them in advance. That way your windows are never dirty!

When a broken window seal occurs, you will see fogging or even dripping between the two panes of glass. It’s easy to think this is on the outside or that it can be cleaned — it can’t, it’s in between two pieces of glass sandwiched together. Seal failure is common in the mountains especially due to our altitude, exposure to the elements and the intensity of the sun. There isn’t a way to clean in between the panes of a thermopane window. To solve this issue, the glass will need to be replaced. 

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Please call us within 48 hours of your window cleaning if you see something that you are not completely satisfied with. We are proud of our work and will leave you with spot-free, streak-free sparkly windows. Please make sure that you are not mistaking a broken seal (see above) for a window cleaning mistake.

It is best to inform us immediately when scheduling about these conditions. Some removal will require an extra fee which can be determined before we start the job. Please note that some types of construction materials (such as stucco) will be declined due to liability issues.

We care about your house and use drop cloths on anything that could get wet, as well as wearing shoe covers, on request. We clean our ladders before bringing them inside and use rubber mats on hard surfaces under our ladder to protect your floor. We make sure we leave every area clean.

Yes we do. For every friend you refer who has all of their windows cleaned, you will receive 5% off your next cleaning within one year. If you refer 2 people — you get 10% off, 3 people — 15% off and so on. You have to have your windows cleaned within a year of your last cleaning to receive the discount.

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